The Power of Coaching






Matthew and Selene have worked on putting together a Never Give Up Coaching program that is designed to empower you with the focus that is needed to achieve purpose, accountability, determination, and results you want in your life and home.


Just as a sports coach helps you raise your standards for accelerated results on game day, your Never Give Up Coach will challenge you in finding your purpose in life.

Never give Up Coach will help you get the results you desire.



You can’t build results in an hour, a day, or a week. It takes “Purpose.”

Meet with Matthew or Selene, our Never Give Up Coaches.

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“Never Give Up Behavioral Health Services program has taught me how to better communicate with my son. The tools I have learned are helping me be a better mother. My son’s self-esteem is so much better. Thank you so much Never Give Up Team for all you have done for my Family!”

Irma A.


“We cannot thank the Never Give Up team and Matt Cox enough for the help that they have given us. We consider them a part of our family.”

-Marla R.

Matt is an amazing life coach! He helped my husband and I learn how to compromise and communicate with one another much more clearly and in a manner that works in both of our quirks. I have ADHD, which Matt helped me figure out how to address. The ADHD was part of our communication issues. I would give my husband a bucket list of tasks, and he would become resentful and not hear anything I was saying as a result. We now run a much smoother household, thanks to Matt!!

– Becki W.