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I am now providing individual coaching sessions via Skype or phone.


Get a professional opinion from a professional who has also been in the trenches of family life for over 19 years, 7 years as a small business owner, 19 years as a professional coach speaker, and business consulting.

  • Achieve a health work-life balance
  • Get help on a family problem, parenting, or marriage struggle and Communication
  • Get support for creative understanding, breaking through to creativity purpose

Welcome to Matthew L. Cox Coaching: Build a Highly Effective Executive Team by Mastering the Necessary Coaching Skills

  • Please note that there are different service categories below, so be sure to select the appropriate type of appointment.
    • Personal Life Coaching (relationships, family, life transition, career, life-balance, and creative productivity)

Private Practice Business Consulting (business, marketing, online presence, media interviews)


By scheduling a session below you agree that this is coaching and is not mental health therapy. This is appropriate for problem solving and advice on specific issues and not for treatment of mental health issues.



I would like to schedule…

PERSONAL COACHING for Relationship/Work-Life/Emotional Health


Personal Life Coaching Session (45 min.)

45 minutes @ $300.00


Personal Life Coaching Package of 6 (Save $200)

45 minutes @ $1600.00



Package Private Practice Consulting Package of 6 (2 consults per month, 3 month)*Save $300

45 minutes @ $2100.00


Individual Private Practice Consultation

45 minutes @ $400.00