Providers of psychosocial rehabilitation conduct services in the community. These services are developed according to a rehabilitative treatment plan determined by our licensed therapist. PSR services are designed to reduce psychosocial dysfunction and restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. These services may include any combination of the following interventions: Behavioral management, Social competency, Problem identification and resolution, Effective communication, Moral reasoning, Identity and emotional intimacy, Self-sufficiency, Life goal, and Sense of humor. Services may be provided in the family home or other natural environment.



  • Transportation
  • Custodial Care Benefits
  • Routine Supervision
  • Maintaining Level of Functioning
  • Case Management
  • Habilitative Services
  • Services Provided to Individuals with a Primary Diagnosis of Mental Retardation or Related Conditions (Unless These Conditions Co-occur with a Mental Illness) and Which Are Not Focused on Rehabilitative Mental and/or Behavioral Health
  • Services to Inmates of Public Institutions
  • Room and Board
  • Respite Care
  • Recreational Activities Not Focused on Rehabilitative Outcomes
  • Personal Care
  • More Than One Provider Seeing the Recipient in the Same RMH Intervention
  • Non-Medical Programs: Intrinsic Benefits and/or Administrative Elements of Non-Medical Programs, such as Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care, Child Welfare, Education, Child Care, Vocational and Pre-vocational Training, Housing, Parole and Probation and Juvenile Justice
  • Services Under This Chapter for a Recipient Who Does Not Have a DSM or DC:0-3 diagnosis
  • Swimming
  • Movies
  • Play video games
  • Shopping